Testimonial | Lost 19 kgs in 2 years

Lost 19 kgs in 2 years

By  On: 26 October 2016

In the year 2014 my weight had increased upto 87kgs and due to that i was suffering from severe acidity , was getting very tired and feeling very lethargic.

With the guidance of Namratas Diet and a planned exercise routine i was able to reduce my weight by 19 kgs in a span of 2 years  .

I  Was very  focused during this entire  span ,listened to all the advise given to me by Namrata , she helped me change my eating lifestyle due to which my acidity almost vanished , i feel more energetic and  i am more enthusiastic throughout the day .

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Weight Loss & Fat loss Diet Plans.

This is the first question now due to increasing awareness that all of them have in their minds is what is the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Well to explain in simple words Weight loss is not just the loss that you see when you stand on the weighing scale .the total weight is a combination of water weight , muscle weight and fat weight which contributed to your total body weight. Whereas fat loss is more important as that contributes to the overall excess fat that you have gained which you need to lose and the best way to decide  whether you have achieved fat loss is by checking your own body measurements. Many People get disappointed if they do not see a drop in the weighing scale thinking that they havent achieved weight loss .Fat loss however if achieved will not be seen on the scale but it will be visible with the inch loss .

This  weight loss and fat loss diet package will enable you to get a detailed nutrition regimen based on the goals you have set .

In this particular weight loss and fat loss diet services there is one month and three month packages . in the one month package of weight loss and fat loss what you need to simply do is fill up a  diet assessment form along with your current eating pattern in detail  and submit it if you are taking consultation online or if you are coming to the clinic then you can fill it in front of the dietician.This diet assessment form enables the dietician to get a clear picture of your overall lifestyle by which an effective and a detailed couselling session can be done either on the phone or personally one to one.Then required calculations will be done and a tailormade , easy to follow regimen will be planned and will be sent to you on mail or will be provided at the clinic.This one month weight loss diet plan or a fat loss diet plan also entitles you to a FREE follow up session with the dietician which can be held after two weeks from the date of starting the diet plan. The follow up session would also clear any minor doubts or queries that the person would have regarding the diet and the dietcian also would understand as to how much percentage of the diet is he able to follow.

In the three months of  the weight loss and fat loss diet plan also you are entitled to get 9  follow up sessions with the dietician as this particular service of weight loss and fat loss requires constant monitoring by the dietician to enable the desired weight loss , fat loss to be achieved in the targeted period.there would be 3 follow up sessions held per month .the follow up sessions in this particular three month weight loss , fat loss diet plan service would also entitle the person to recieve FREE changes in the diet at no extra cost, so the person can enjoy a variety of foods and recipes without getting bored and thus making their weight loss and fat loss journey enjoyable.

 BENEFITS -After the chart is sent to you in order to achieve results faster you will be told to maintain a food record diary or a sheet which will assure a check that the weight or fat loss will be achieved in stipulated period of time.

The criteria used for planning by dietician will be -



3- BMI







10 -FAT %




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