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As the service suggests – Sports specific diet plans the human Body is designed for physical activity and can adapt to a wide range of metabolic demands imposed by physical activity or exercise.Physical acitivity , exercise or participation in a sport helps an individual to attain or maintain physical fitness .Evolution teaches us that early humans could not have survived without the ability to perform any physical work. But yet in the high tech society that we all live today the activity levels of humans have consuderably reduced, have become more sedentary and exposure to outside eating has tremendously increased.

 However ,there is no single food solution that will increase athletic performance. The misconception of  “ magic food solution ” is the reason why there are so many nutrition myths within the field of sports nutrition. It is important to therefore have a scientific base in your sports specific diet plan which will help to improve your performance in the particular sport..

Nutrition strategies for athletes can be developed by analyzing several parameters like body weight and composition , dietary assessment , periodization of training , physical fitness and biochemical paramters.So  here at DIVINE DIETS BY DIETICIAN Namrata -enables you to take the service of sports specific diet plans as the plans are devised by taking all the above factors into consideration.

In this particular service you are entitled to take a one and a half months package and a ninety day packages.

In the one and a half month package of sports specific diet plan a diet assessment form will be provided either on the mail or if you are coming to the clinic then you can fill it in front of the dietician and after which a detailed counselling session will be done with the information that you have provided , thereby enabling her to do all the required calculations and charting out a personalized sports specific diet plan for you. This particular service of one and a half month of sports specific diet plan will also include two follow up sessions which will be held every three weeks to understand whether the diet is being followed to the maximum or not.Also in this service of sports specific diet plan if any required changes , doubts , inability to follow certain meals or timings everything can be discussed in the follow up sessions and appropriate solutions can be found so that sports performance in any way isnt hampered.

In the three month package of sports specific diet plan a diet assessment form will be provided either through mail or when you come to the clinic for counselling session , at that time you can fill and the sports specific diet plan will be discussed and explained by the dietcian in detail and provided to you at the clinic or on mail .This service of ninety days of Sports Specific diet plans will allow you to have six follow up sessions absolutely at no extra cost with the dietician either at the clinic or through phone or mail whichever is suitable.

In both the package of sports specific diet plans you will  be told to maintain a diet record sheet which also will be provided which you will be asked to bring at the time of the follow up sessions.

In this particular service of sports specific diet plans all nutrient groups of beverages , milk and dairy products , cereal group , protein group , fats and oil group , sweets will be adjusted in your daily calorie intake and added in your sports specific diet plan. Also in this sports specific diet plans service Nutrition periodization will be given maximum importance.This service of sports specific diet plans will include all sports like marathon running, table and lawn tennis , badminton , skating , mountaineering , football, triathlon, swimming , powerlifting , cycling, gymnastics.

So your search for getting the sports specific diet plan ends here. Enroll today to get maximum benefits. 






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