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 THYROID DISORDER -An abnormal functioning of the thyroid gland is termed as having thyroid disease.There are two types HYPOTHYROIDISM AND HYPERTHYROIDISM.To explain it simply hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesnt produce enough thyroid hormones  and In Hyperthyroidism condition there is an overproduction of the hormone by the butterfly shaped gland.the thyroid gland is required for maintaining the bodys metabolism.

PCOD DISORDER – Poly cystic Ovarian disease is a significant public health issue with reproductive, metabolic and psychological features.It is one of the most common conditions affecting the reproductive age has started affecting teenage girls also due to very inactive and a sedentary lifestyle and increasing intake of outside eating and  indulgence in junk foods and very very low to zero exercise .This in turn makes the women prone to insulin resistance , prediabetes conditions and a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

To make things simpler and to fight the problems get it touch with Dietician Namrata Pandya who can help you overcome thyroid and PCOD disorders with ease.Her simple,realistic and easy to follow diet plans for thyroid and PCOD disorders is the key.The package of diet plans for thyroid and PCOD disorders will enable you to get a detailed nutrition regimen based on your medical history.The detailed latest pathological reports would be mandatory.This particular service of diet plans for thyroid and PCOD disorders comes with a one month package and a 3 months package .

If you are enrolling for one month package of thyroid and PCOD disorders you will be told to fill the detailed  diet assessment form along with your current eating pattern in detail and a one to one session either at the clinic with the dietician or on the phone witll be held and then a tailormade , easy to follow regimen will be planned and will be sent to you on mail or will be provided to you at the clinic.And you will be told to follow diet plan for thyroid and PCOD disorders regimen for the next 30 days and keep a record of it on a sheet or in a dairy. However if in between those 30 days if you have any queries or doubts regarding the thyroid and PCOD disorders you can get in touch with the dietician on phone or through E-mail.

If you are enrolling for the three month package of diet plans for thyroid and PCOD disorders you will be told to fill the diet assessment form along with your current eating pattern in detail  and then a one to one session either at the clinic or on the phone with the dietician will be held and a tailormade , easy to follow regimen will be planned .Here you will be entitled to get 4 follow up sessions in the duration of three months with the dietician which will help you to get results faster and required diet changes can also be made in these follow up sessions. 

Both these Thyroid and PCOD disorders require a good physical activity , or a sound exercise plan for atleast 4 times a week for a duration of 40-45 minutes in order to achieve the desired fat loss or seeing the correction in the pathological reports of thyroid and PCOD disorder.Generally excess fat percentage is said to be the route cause in most of the cases.A good guideline regarding exercise also would be given in case if needed in order to correct thyroid and PCOD disorders

After the diet plan for thyroid and PCOD disorder  is given you will be told to maintain a food record diary or a sheet which will assure a check whether the thyroid and PCOD  disorders plan that has been given to you has been followed or not.In case of any doubts or queries in the diet plan for thyroid and PCOD disorders you need to immediately contact on mail so that can be sorted out immediately.

The criteria used for planning thyroid and PCOD Disorders diets by dietician will be -

1- BMI










 so a normal level of thyroid and PCOD disorder is very well possible.



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My weight in the begining was 94kg but after going through a lot of phases including both in diet and exercise. With constant motivation and support from Namrata mam and the trainers I have been able to achieve this change. Where now I am 71kg happy and still striving to achieve more. Which was so worth it and an experience which will always be a driving force to go head on with life.

As a person age 24 and having a thyroid condition I had to take a healthy decision in life to change. Along came the jouney to fitness which without the help of my nutrionist Miss Namrata Pandya I would have never accomplished my current transformation. She has guided me in every step,making sure that the diet is being followed, explaining to me  how food can be substituted with variety of nutritious options, how we must take care of our body so in the long run we can stave from life threatening diseases, joint pain etc. This helped me a lot to make a healthier choice of eating. I observed that it also effected us in a psychological way like if we stray we start feeling guilty and if we follow the plan, we know we are doing the right thing. Diet plan is obviously constructed which initially is made according to our diet.

Gradually the number of meals we eat is increased, the portion controlled. It is recommended that nutritious choice is to be made like intake of green vegetables, fruits, nuts,fibre, protein rich food and omega 3. Carbs intake are to be limited. Here the diet plan is more specific and restricted. As we are suggested atleast 5-6 meals a day so our body does not undergo on a binge streak i.e. we never reach to that point because our stomach is never really empty.

Ofcourse, the source of never ending cravings is always present but we have to learn to control them. Like a cheat day is available to us when we can gorge on whatever we want junk food, sweets etc but after, we must stick to the diet given to us religiously. This way it helps to balance like we are not completely deprived of our wantings and in the same time we are motivated to eat healthy for the rest of the days. Later on we see that a self initiative step is taken by  ourselves such as we start using alternative methods to counter our cravings like eating curd instead of ice cream, replacing chocolate with apple which is also sweet. The body no longer feels lethargic it is active throughout the day.So if I had not taken this step and followed the guidance provided to me by Namrata mam this transition would have never taken place. I would have never been exposed to this new side of healthy, positive life. Plus the knowledge we get from the nutrionist about super foods and how we can nourish our body to remain healthy, youthful and active. It is spiritually nourishing and teaches us to be disciplined which helps us throughout our lives.


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