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    In Health Tips On 01 December 2015

    Pregnancy In lay mans terms it is the most miraculous experience of ones life. One needs to be fit and ready in todays day and age the moment you decide to conceive .Initiating good health and nutrition habits  will not only promote your health but it will establish a very healthy environment for the baby which is developing inside you. Actually eating proprerly is an everyday event that can have a profound influence on both you and your developing baby .So its important for all the to be excited mothers to develop a common sense approach to eating healthy during this most critical period. And it will be a legacy which you will leave for your baby which will last for a lifetime.  I am sure that the following healthy tips will boost your chances of having a perfect baby who would have a desirable weight at birth and he would be devoid of serious illnesses and for you as a mother will have lower risks for many pregnancy complications like GESTATIONAL DIABETES MELLITUS , HYPERTENSION AND PREECLAMSIA. It is also important to remember that many of the physical and personality traits of your child will be like a blueprint of you and your partners handed down from one generation to the other. For example – if there is cardiac or diabetic history in the family ,the child may partially get the genes but with the healthy beginning of a lifetime of good exercise and nutrition routine those problems may never arise. SIX STEPS FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY – EAT WELL. MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT BEFORE DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY WITH THE HELP OF YOUR NUTRITIOINIST. SUPPLEMENT RESPONSIBLY. EXERCISE DAILY –AS RECOMMENDED BY THE DOCTOR. GO FOR REGULAR MEDICAL CHECKUPS. QUIT ALCOHOL AND SMOKING. A total of 10-13 kgs of ideal weight gain is advised during the full term of your pregnancy ; however if your total weight is more at the time you conceive or even when you plan to get pregnant  then consultation with your nutritionist should start right from that stage.             FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID –       This food guide pyramid enables one to understand how much of servings of each nutrients to be included in daily meals. BENEFITS N IMPORTANCE OF EACH NUTRIENT - Pre-pregnant BMI, maternal age and rate of pregnancy weight gain must be considered in tailoring the calorie recommendation to the pregnant women. An addition of 350-500 calories per day is recommended.   CARBOHYDRATES – The primary function of carbohydrates is to give energy . Include complex and simple sources of carbohydrates – wheat ,rice , jowar ,nachni ,corn ,oats ,puffed rice , flakes ,muesli ,multigrain breads  etc. 1 gram of carbohydrates gives 4 calories.     PROTEINS – Proteins are known as the building blocks of the body and are composed of amino acids. They help to build, repair and recover lean muscle tissue. Requirement is different in all stages of pregnancy. 0.5 grams per day in the first trimester ,6.9 grams in second trimester and 22.7 grams in third trimester. Its important  to include non vegetarian sources also  as they are efficiently absorbed by the body as they are of higher biological values. Plant sources – milk , paneer ,cheese , curds and buttermilk ,all dals and pulses ,dry fruits and very importantly soyabean. Animal Sources – Chicken, eggs and fish. 1 gram of protein gives 4 calories.     Some micronutrients are specially required in extra amounts during these physiological periods. FOLIC ACID – Folic acid or folate is required for increasing birth weight of the foetus. It reduces congenital malformations if any present. Also required for synthesis of haemoglobin and for development of normal cell division. Requirement is around 500 mcg per day. Sources –Avocados, nuts, almonds, beans ,sprouts , bananas ,all green leafy vegetables.   CALCIUM –   Calcium is needed for bone development ,teeth development of foetus  and overall growth . Required intake will help prevent osteoporosis in mothers. Mother will then be able to produce milk rich in calcium. Requirement is 1200mg per day. Sources – milk and milk products ,dark leafy greens, nuts ,til seeds ,almonds ,soybeans,tofu ,broccoli  and curry leaves.   MAGNESIUM – Useful in providing energy throughout the day. It helps regulate blood sugar. It maintains uterine relaxation during pregnancy and aids in contraction during labour. It helps develop normal muscle contraction and nerve transmission. Requirement – Sources – low fat milk ,dried beans and peas ,banana ,dark green leafy veggies .     IRON- Iron is needed for mental function and body defence. Iron deficiency during pregnancy increases maternal mortality and low birth weight in infants. Fruits rich in Vitamin C like amla ,guava ,kiwi improve iron absorption . Beverages like tea bind dietary iron and makes it unavailable ,hence it should be avoided before ,during or soon after a meal. Requirement – 38 mg per day. Sources –dried beans ,sprouts ,ragi ,jiggery ,eggs ,dill ,mint ,fenugreek ,spinach ,colocasia and cauliflower leaves , dates .   IODINE Thyroid hormones necessary for growth and development. Iodine deficiency may lead to still births or abortions or miscarriages. Proper intake also ensures  ideal mental health of the growing foetus. Sources –iodised salt , cow milk ,curds ,strawberries and eggs.    


    In Health Tips On 26 November 2015

    In this fast paced moving world and with the birth of internet Exercise ,Nutrition and Fitness have taken totally a new meaning ,by it becoming almost a necessity in day to day life as human lifestyle has become more sedentary and physical activities have taken a backseat by which people are falling prey to diseases like Diabetes mellitus , Cardiovascular and blood pressure , Obesity issues more easily.  The only question which troubles major chunk of the population is " HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT " and most of them end up trying whatever comes in their way which somehwere makes them believe that YESS  by following a particular diet you will definitely lose weight. But the fact is only diet will not help one certainly to achieve their desired goals.Its a combination of right kind of exercise and apt diet plan . So  what happens to a person who in a year s time goes back couple of times  to a particular number on the scale - result Unwanted Stress' Depression More frustration  which actually leads to withdrawal from the programme in most of the cases. But if you go to see the equation is very simple                       MORE OUTPUT      WITH      LESS INPUT         =        WEIGHT LOSS meaning              Exercise                +              Diet                 [more calorie burning]              [optimum nutrition ]    =       FAT LOSS  Let  me clear certain myths regarding weight loss. Q -WHAT IS WEIGHT LOSS ? A- According to maximum number of people weight loss means once you see a particular number on the scale less in certain days means you have lost weight. [ that could have been possible due to many factors ] like Engaging oneself in some physical activity. Eating less OR skipping meals. Starving. Following FAD diets. well, unfortunately that may not be the right weight loss. to make it simpler -  Our total body weight comprises of  - - Muscle weight.                                                       - Fat weight.                                                       - Water  weight. So what you actually need to get rid of is the excess fat weight.The more muscle weight you have means you can burn calories better than somebody else and at a much faster rate. Also one needs to know that muscles retain water so your total body weight is always going to be more because of more muscle and more water.But since you have a better Basal Metabolic Rate you will end up losing fat faster. USEFUL TIPS - Get your exercise and Nutrition regimen planned from individual experts. Set realistic , practical  and smaller goals. Aim for 2 kg fat loss in 30 days. * factors like age, medical history ,lack of sleep ,stress ,smoking ,alcohol , constipation etc also matter so accordingly results may vary from person to person. Both the exercise and the Nutrition regimen should be doable , flexible and easy to follow ; then only you will stick to it and you will achieve results faster. Constant feedbacks and updation with the experts is absolutely necessary .[it maybe through personal one to one meet , emails , whats app , sms etc. ] Progression in both your schedules also required. Eating the right quantity , at the right time and in the right format is the key. Depending on the  programmes duration -while making food -constant change like taste ,texture ,variety ,innovative recipes need to be planned so that monotony is not reached. A very important factor which is ignored - meeting ones daily water requirement. Last but not the least -to achieve a sustained fat loss - 3 D s are necessary D- dedication D- discipline D-determination   and one more thing is constant motivation for which your dietician is always there to help you get the desired fat loss. Once you have all this your journey to a healthier and a fitter you will surely be very smooth.  

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